When I was Young, I never had a birthday cake, not even a slice on my birthday.. I always wondered why..

However, when I had my first daughter, i vowed to never let her go without cake in her life. The only cake i ever got to taste was, when my uncle smashed my head into his cake. I was bald, hungry, sad and poor, I was only 2 years old. I can still remember how he laughed at me, as though I was a joke, but when I grew up, this made me very determined to make cakes for my kids.. that they never have to go through what i went through. I truly felt, all kids deserve their cake, and so this is how Present From Heaven came about.

Christmas cupcakes.jpeg

Without God's help, I wouldn't have been here today.. and I hope, every kid will have their cake and be really happy about it..

I still remembered, while learning how to bake years ago, i was quite the worst disaster ever. Finally the day I managed to bake decent looking cakes, came about when i baked and donated 108 cupcakes to church on a Christmas day years back. You can call it fate, I believe everything is made beautiful, always, In His Time.

Sweet Things always Make People Happy, Especially kids :)

Our intention to bake is clear, to bake a cake for someone special, someone deserving of some happiness in their life. And when the candles are lit, I always felt its a magical moment, that it's the very special moment for that someone to make a wish, and to blow out the candles by the Special One, in only one big breath, so that it's a sign that their Wish will Happen. So if you are ready to order and create that moment to come, click on the button below to select your preferred cake now.